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This is a simple fileserver written in PHP (7.4+) using ZeroMQ.
It requires ext-zmq and PHP7.4+.

There are three executable files:

  • $ bin/server runs the fileserver
  • $ bin/command <arg1> <arg2> ... sends a command to the server
  • $ bin/query <arg1> <arg2> ... sends a query to the server and returns the response


  • SAVE <namespace> <name> <contents> saves a file
  • DELETE <namespace> <name> deletes a file if it exists
  • DELETE_ALL <namespace> deletes an entire namespace

To save a file to the fileserver you can do:
$ bin/command SAVE my-project-namespace 1.html "<!DOCTYPE html><html>...</html>"
$ bin/command SAVE my-project-namespace 2.xml "$(cat some/xml/file)"


  • CONTAINS <namespace> <name> returns Y if the file exists in the namespace, else N
  • LOAD <namespace> <name> returns the file contents if it exists, else -1

To load a file from the fileserver you can do:
$ bin/query LOAD my-project-namespace 1.html


See config/config.ini. It contains an example configuration.